Holiday essentials…


Last week I took Harvey on his first holiday in search of some end of summer sun! I was so nervous about taking him abroad and especially his first ever flight. Luckily the journey went without a hitch and despite Harvey picking up a nasty tummy bug, we survived the holiday.

So after a week abroad what have I learnt about travelling with a three month old baby? There are certain must haves and essentials……


I didn’t want to take Harvey’s very large and robust Bugaboo Buffalo on holiday with me, as much as I love it (and I really do!) its not built for air travel, so instead we invested in an alternative buggy. The Quinny Zapp Xtra2

We were really pleased with it, it folds down super small

and the seat can be taken off and a car seat added (we put the seat in out main luggage and used the car seat in the airport, which we then needed in the car when we arrived). Its also suitable from birth so great from now until he’s much older!

I had been advised by friends that have flown with their babies to feed them on take off and landing to help stop their ears popping. So with good intentions I started his feed in time for take off. However, Harvey was so hungry he’d finished his feed before we even left the ground. Despite this he was absolutely fine and we didn’t have any tears.

For the flight I made sure I had his milk close to hand, he’s bottle fed, so lots of pre made Aptamil first infant milk which we purchased in the terminal air port before boarding the flight (you can pre-order this if you want to make sure that there is plenty in stock).

We also made sure we had a nice warm blanket for the flight, aeroplanes can get pretty chilly so it came in very useful and doubled as a soft cushion when he was feeding.

We took out Aden and Anais Dream Blanket that Harvey was gifted at his christening, it’s so soft and big enough to use as a blanket or play mat and the flying dog print that we have is so cute!  

We also took a selection of toys on board to help keen him entertained, including some new ones!

N.B. we were also travelling with a toddler (my niece),we made sure she also had a shiny new toy to keep her occupied but be warned toddlers often find everyone else’s toys far more fascinating than their own so have back up toys in case the toddler steals the babies toys.

This by far proved Harvey’s favourite toy…

(There are links to some of Harvey’s other favourite travel toys on the shop baby page) 


When packing for the holiday I found myself trying to pack for every eventuality. We flew with British Airways so Harvey got his own luggage allowance which was great for packing lots of baby items. So here are a few of the items that were in my suitcase and got lots and lot of use…….


Baby changing mat (this doubled as a play mat as all the floors in the apartment were hard and he just needed somewhere he could lie down and  giggle, luckily he doesn’t roll to much yet!) just fold it in half and put it in the suitcase!!

baby swim float – essential in the pool and sea

Sun protection tent – so useful for keeping baby out of the sun (and my niece loved playing in it too)

Sun protection hat – this actually stayed on his head, amazing!

Towelling poncho

Sun protection suit

Bioderma – Photoderm Kid SPF 50+ Mousse  – the mousse texture made it so easy to rub in!

Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier – a godsend when he was fed up of the buggy whilst waiting at the airport.

Mothercare Buggy Clips  – these were useful for holding blankets and muslins on the buggy as well as keeping the buggy toys in place!

Snoozeshade – a black out blind and SPF 50, great for helping baby sleep in the day and when out in the evenings. (looking at the picture I’m not the only one recommending it)

Microwave steriliser bags – (much smaller to pack than our big microwave steriliser) these were so easy to use and each bag could be used thirty times, they came in a pack of six but one lasted us the whole holiday so we have plenty spare for future trips away.

Aden and anais sleeping bag – soft enough to keep them cosy without them getting too warm

We also made sure we packed plenty of baby milk powder (its never the same abroad) and then we took enough nappies and baby wipes to get us started and picked up the rest in the supermarket (you can get the same brands as the UK in most of the supermarkets abroad.)




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