Vision in velvet…

The way it feels, the way it hangs, there is certainly something about velvet! And It would appear that it doesn’t matter where you look on the high street or catwalk right now you can’t avoid the abundance of velvet!

Crushed or coloured, dress or top, velvet pieces can be found in nearly every shop and are a fashion must have that is set to hang around for the winter and more crucially the Christmas party season!

How will you where yours?


High street options…

Marks and Spencer…Velvet long sleeved jacket £79 & Textured wide leg velvet trousers £49.50

Marks and Spencer… Velvet dress and striped top £39.50

Marks and Spencer… Fit and flare velvet dress £39.50

Zara… Velvet toggle jacket £ 79.99

Zara… Velvet top £15.99

Zara… Cropped velvet t-shirt £15.99

Zara… Velvet dress £19.99

Topshop… Floral velvet floppy dress £40.00

Top shop… Velvet lace trim slip dress £36

Whistles… Velvet wrap jacket £220 Eden wide leg velvet trousers £150

Mango… Trims velvet jacket £89.99





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