Eight months on….

If I thought the first four months went fast, well the second have been a whirlwind! This week Harvey reached his eight month marker and I had the shock thought that we were now two thirds of the way through his first year! 

SIZE: I haven’t had Harvey weighed yet this month but I’m expecting a heafty weight. At his six month check up his height was off the percentile scale and his weight sat comfortably on the 95th line. 

NEW SKILLS: In the last four months months Harvey has come a long way. He can now sit up independently and can pull himself forward. Just this week he has started rocking on all fours, although he doesn’t seem particularly fussed about crawling just yet (I’m secretly quite happy about this.) He very proudly chats away and shouts dadada at every opportunity. He has really found his voice recently and loves to practice making noises and testing his vocal skills. He really enjoys weight bearing on his legs and finds this very amusing. 

FOOD: Harvey now enjoys three meals a day. We started food at four months as was always so hungry for milk and begun on puréed food. We have since moved on to a mix of baby led (bread, pasta,vegetables and fruit are all popular) and spoon fed and it is working really well. I have been so proud of how well he has taken to it, he has his off days when he is feeling poorly and just wants cuddles and milk and he also had his days when he is ranevous. 

SLEEPING: Harvey has recently leant to sleep through the night (amazing!!) he has started this pattern a few times but was always interrupted by a cough or cold. To Mr R and I it felt like a tease of what we could have! This month Harvey has had consist 12/13 hour sleeps and we are all feeling better for it. 

DEVELOPMENTS: Harvey has had his first two teeth push through in recent weeks and despite the constant dribble and one night of disrupted sleep he has taken it in his stride. 

PARENTHOOD: I can still remember my life before Harvey but absolutely love my life now Harvey is here. My husband and I are still permanently exhausted and barely find time for each other and our lives and still so different now we are parents. Harvey continues and will continue to take presidents over everyone and everything. We can no long go out at the drop of a hat and we have to plan and replan if we want to day trip. But one giggle from our little man and we don’t really mind.


Lindsay x

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