Getting out and about this summer with Phil and Teds compact solutions!

If you’re going on holiday this summer and you have little ones I’m sure you’ve already put a lot of thought into how you will manage all those little (and big) things!

Wondering how you will pack a million and one muslins into your already over loaded suitcase, and if your still have room for your own clothes. Thinking about where the little one will sleep when you get there, how you will keep them cool, if your buggy will make it on the plane and crossing your fingers that it arrives in one piece. Questioning if your be able to get extra Nappies/milk/baby food in case of an emergency (because the two hundred you’ve packed might not be enough) and thinking about if you should hire a car seat or just take your own!

Many of these questions have certainly crossed my mind, especially as we have build towards the summer holiday season. So when Phil and Teds got in touch and introduced me to their new travel range, I was very excited and jumped at the chance to try it out!

First up was the new Phil and Teds ‘Go’ travel buggy! Small and lightweight, it has a quick and easy fold and features a lie flat mode, storage space underneath and flexible grab bar. You can get an additional sun/rain cover for all weather protection, plus a cosy toes and you are ready to go! When I featured the buggy on my Instagram page a few weeks ago, I got many of the same questions so I’ve answered a few of them below!

Is it small enough to take on the plane? Check with your airlines hand baggage guidelines! We often fly with BA and its folded size fits within the hand baggage guidelines, so it would be allowed. But if not it’s not a problem as Phil and Teds also sell a handy Travel Bag (see later in the blog post for more info)

Does it have a pivot grab bar? No, it does not pivot but it is so flexible that you will be able to gently twist it to one side to lift your child in and out!

How much weight can the storage shelf take? 5kg (which is pretty good)


Is it from New Born? Yes, it has a lie flat mode to accommodate new borns.

What’s the weight limit for the child? 15kg (Harvey is now too heavy for the buggy and you can tell as manoeuvring the buggy is hard and he able to tilt it if he leans too much, but its prefect for Jude)

We have loved using the little buggy, it been so easy to take out and about, takes up next to no room in the car and has been a comfortable ride for both my boys. I can not wait to take it away with us! Its overall look is sleek and stylish and it’s simple back and red colour way (green and yellow also an option) looks modern and stylish. It’s so easy to fold and my favourite feature is the grab bar as it’s been great for attaching Jude’s toys to when we are out exploring! Plus the I think the £149 price tag is incredibly reasonable compared to its competitors!

Next up is the travel ‘Traveller cot’ with ‘travel bassinet’ accessory! Such a great design! Jude usually sleeps in his Snuz Pod next to our bed and this set up allows us to continue sleeping side by side whilst away from home. It’s the first travel cot I’ve come across with this feature which I’m so excited about it, plus super handy for those night time feed!

It was really simple to put together and very small to pack, the bassinet accessory can be contained within the traveller holdall when going away. The parts click together with ease allowing for a quick set up and Jude was perfectly happy in the new bassinet and for a big baby had plenty of room.

When your little one out grows the bassinet accessory you just remove it and replace it with the traveller fabric. Giving you a much bigger travel cot with self-inflating air filled mattress for added comfort.

Both parts come with fitted sheets and mattresses, are small to pack (takes up no space in the car or could be placed within a suitcase), are lightweight (traveller 2.8kg, bassinet 2.9kg)) and made of breathable fabrics, prefect for those visiting warmer climates.

When in traveller mode the cot can be adapted for outdoor use by adding a mesh shade accessory, prefect as an outdoor playpen! Plus it has an added feature which allows for one side to be unzipped letting slightly older ones in and out when playing (Harvey thought it made an amazing play den).

We have loved using the traveller; in particular, the boys have loved having it out in the garden. Providing shade for Harvey to play or as a playpen for Jude, its certainly going to be a must have when we set off on holiday. It is by far the smallest to pack and lightest to carry travel cot I have come across so far!

Finally, there is the travel bag!

Designed to allow you to safely take your Phil and Teds buggy away with you and allowing for it to be safely gate checked. Its universal design allows it to accommodate any Phil and Teds buggy (the smaller the buggy the more extra baggage you can store in alongside it, cosy toes, sun shade, toys or maybe just your own sneaky duty free purchases!) You can find instructional videos showing how each Phil and Teds buggy fits into the travel bag over on the Phil and Teds you tube channel.

The bag has a large ‘Gate Checked’ label for convenience as well as a solid base to protect the buggy, durable fabric, wheels for easy travel, soft easy grip handle and a TSA padlock to keep your valuable buggy safe.

When you are not using the bag it was been designed to conveniently pack away into its self for easy storage and transport. And, when you’re not taking a buggy you could just as easily use it as an additional suitcase! PREFECT! (Your not going to miss that red bag in any airport so at least you don’t have to worry about losing it in the sea of black suitcases!)

I personally don’t imagine we will us the travel bag to transport the ‘Go ‘ buggy as its small enough for us to take as hand luggage (within our airlines guidelines, but always check with your airline first) without needing a bag. However, it will be prefect for us when we take away our double Phil and Teds sport. Meaning I won’t have to worry about it getting damaged on route.

All in all I’ve been very impressed with the new travel selection for Phil and Teds and am sure it’s going to make travelling with my little ones that much easier and this summer and give me a few less things to worry about!

Below I’ve added a few useful links to the products and a few other bits I think you might find useful!

Good luck with your travels this summer and enjoy your family time wherever it takes you!


Phil and Teds ‘Go’ buggy

Phil and Teds ‘Traveller cot’

Phil and Teds ‘Traveller bassinet’

Phil and Teds ‘Travel bag’

Phil and Teds Cup holder

Phil and Teds Travellercot sunshade

Phil and Teds Cosy toes


Lindsay x

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