Playing with the Poppy High Chair and My Chair!

Over the last year we have been lucky enough to test out a whole selection of Phil&Teds clever products, each with its own little quirks and smart designs! So when Phil&Teds asked us if we fancied giving their Poppy high chair a go the answer was simple ‘yes’. The Poppy highchair design is not new to Phil and Teds but its ‘black’ colourway certainly is. Prior to this addition the Poppy was available in three bright colourway’s; cranberry, Lime and bubblegum blue!

So first up, the useful numbers:

Weight: The high chair its self weighs a tiny 4kg (so very light weight and easy to move about)

Height: Its 98.4cm tall

Age range: It can be used from approximately six months of age (exact age is dependent on you Childs own development, baby should be able to sit up and hold their head steady before they are high chair ready) and lasts until they are roughly three and then converts into a ‘My Chair’ suitable until aged five.

Weight load : 20kg

So what was my initial impression? When we unboxed the high chair my first thought was that it looked very modern and sleek, the materials and design are attractive and the highchair looked comfortable for little ones. The black colourway is particular alluring as it sits well within our own home.

Then we put it to the test….

Our favourite features!

Waterproof, wipe clean and seamless aerocore seat (comfy and no cracks for food to hide in1)

Easy to remove, large and dishwasher safe food tray

Small to store (just remove the two back legs for upright storage or all teh legs for a very compact storage)

Converts to the ‘My Chair’ so will last your child for many years beyond the high chair stage.

The high chair is easy to use and easy to clean, with a fully wipeable seat and removable dishwasher safe tray. Meaning no time was wasted on scrubbing the high chair, so I have more time to play with my boys! A mum lifesaver!

Both Harvey (two) and Jude (seven months) have tested out the seat and were both very happy in it! Harvey had pleanty of room and loved the addition of the footrest and Jude, whos only recently transitined into a high chair, was supported and had no problem eating and sitting independently.

For Jude we also used the addition of the five point harness, which gave me peace of mind that he was safe and secure.

But without a doubt my favourite feature of the Poppy is its ability to be adaptable and convert to the ‘My Chair’. Any product that has longevity of use gets a big tick from me. We have been using the Poppy in its ‘low mode’ to allow Jude to sit along side Harvey and eat, play and socialise with his brother whilst he is sitting at his junior table. Both the boys have absoutly loved this, its been amazing to see them interact together and its now a firm fixture around Harveys little table.

I am looking forward to when we can transition the high chair into the ‘my chair’ and use it in its next mode. I can certainly see the chair being well used in our house over the coming years and the feature bickering over who will get to sit in it!

Well done Phil&Teds, another great design and clever adaptable product!


Lindsay x

Sleep tight with ‘Whisbear’ The Humming Bear!

Sleep, sleep, sleep…… something we all take for granted in our youth (fighting bedtimes and secretly staying up late), we neglect in out twenties (often not reaching for our pillows until the early hours) and something we long for as soon as we have children!

I don’t think I appreciated the value of sleep until I wasn’t getting any! I’m pretty sure I didn’t take people seriously when they said “get your sleep while you can” and I’m positive I have never felt tiredness like I have until my boys arrived!

Sleep (lack of) has since become the focus of at least one or two conversations a day and has often been the topic discussed over many coffees with my NCT friends. Having a baby who slept well was the ‘Holy Grail’ the ‘Mecca’ the ‘ultimate desire’ of all mums and dads I came into contact with (of course health, happy, feed well etc were also high on the list too).

So when the clever mums behind ‘Whisbear’ The Humming Bear, got in touch and asked if we would like to give one a go and jumped at the chance!

For those of you that don’t know ‘Whisbear’ is a baby sleep aid and sensory toy which can be used from birth to help settle and sooth your baby. You may have heard people mutter about how much babies like the sound of the hoover or hairdryer and that that level of consistent sound settled their baby to sleep. I heard many stories of desperate parents leaving hairdryers going to keep babies sleeping and repeatedly hoovering to keep their little one settled. In the case of my boys this works, these sort of sounds really have helped settle my tribe, but hoovering at three in the morning and leaving the hairdryer going all night aren’t really practical solutions. Welcome ‘Whisbear’, this genius little bear emits pink noise (slightly more delicate than white noise) to remind the baby of the sounds it knows from fetal life.

The ‘Whisbear’ can be turned on by simply pressing its central button hidden in the head. From this point it emits forty minutes of pink noise to help sooth baby and then slowly fades out, entering a standby mode. Then here comes the genius part, when it detects the baby crying or the waking child’s nervous movements, it reacts with a further  twenty minutes of soothing hushing noises before switching back to standby mode!

Well we’ve been testing the ‘Whisbear’ for a while now and I can happily say it really works! The pink noise has been perfect for settling Jude and the cry sensor has been magic in helping him learning to re settle when he wakes while napping in the day or sleeping in the night. Jude has been quick in learning to sleep through the night and the pink noise emited by the ‘Whisbear’ has helped in him making these steps. When we’re not using it as a sleeping aim Jude has loved playing with it., especially the rustling paws! We’ve taken it away with us and even taught the grandparents how to use it for all those sleep overs!

If this isn’t good enough the ‘Whisbear’ also has lots of other redeeming qualities.

  • Its a sensory toy with rustling paws and ears
  • Comes in a selection of attractive and sensory colour ways
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Its made from ecologically safe high quality fabric
  • Portable and easy to take anywhere
  • Easy to use (even dad won’t struggle)

A great design and so simple to get to grips with, it’s certainly easy to recommend to any parents and parents to be! I hope you’ve found this useful in understanding how the ‘Whisbear’ works and its given you a few ideas about settling baby!

Lots of love