Mini blog……. Our ‘Brickosaurs’ adventure at Marwell Zoo!

When we were offered tickets to Marwell Zoo to visit the Brickosaurs Trail it was a very easy yes!! I love seeing the animals and my little explorer adores dinosaurs so it promised to be everything combined….. and it certainly didn’t let us down!

The trail of dinosaurs was absolutely amazing! There were so many to discover of all sizes and colours….

The zoo was perfectly set up for little adventurers, with play spaces and climbing areas dotted all around. Giving little ones the opportunity to let off stream in between dinosaurs hunting and animal adventures.

We chose to eat in the cafe, however, the zoo has been well designed for picnics, with indoor and outdoor areas scattered around the park. There are also plenty of benches and green spaces for everyone.

We all absolutely loved seeing the different animals….

The Brickosaurs base camp gave our little explorer the perfect space to unwind with giant Lego and Duplo play pits were a huge hit. Allowing imaginations to run wild, building all sorts of structures with the endless bricks!

A little summery…. I would absolutely recommend Marwell Zoo for a family day out!! It’s well set up for family’s and children of all ages. You can easily spend a day exploring, playing and adventuring around the park.

Lots of love

Lindsay x

Tickets gifted, opinions my own!