Make a weekend trip to Great Fosters


If I could only visit one venue in Surrey I’m sure that this would be the one. Great Fosters is a stunning hotel with amazing grounds and outstanding food! I have been luck enough to visit this place on number of occasions and only last year my husband and I were fortunate enough to have the honour of holding our wedding reception there. Great Fosters will always hold a special place in my heart and continues to be a somewhere I never tire of visiting…

The stunning Japanese bridge… time your visit right and you will be lucky enough to see it covered in wisteria.

Make sure you venture into the gardens. They range from well manicures mazes and rose gardens to rustic parklands.

Explore the the stunning interiors. They really do give you a peak into the buildings historic past…

Try and stop for a coffee or even better indulge in the award winning Great Fosters Afternoon Tea…

Whenever you visit and whatever you do, whether it be staying in the magnificent historic rooms, indulging in the culinary delights or exploring the expansive grounds, it is sure to leave a lasting memory with you.


Lindsay x

Great Fosters website

Surrey ‘s surprises




When I moved to Surrey last year, in preparation for the start of my new family life, I was more than slightly apprehensive about the lifestyle adjustment. Knowing I would no longer be able to swipe my contactless card and jump on an iconic red bus or step out my door knowing I was only a short train or tube ride from the bright lights and buzz of such a cosmopolitan city, quickly became a major concern. These days buses only pass the end of my road once an hour and only run for a select few hours of the day.  Surprisingly this doesn’t bother me all that much any more. The nearest train station is within walking distance and can get me to Waterloo within what I  would now consider a respectable time. For now this is all ok, although I will admit I often have a slight nostalgia for my previous existence, I am currently trying to embrace all that a Surrey life has to offer from quirky cottages to rural retreats and picturesque landscapes…





So many more hidden gems waiting to be discovered…


Lindsay x