Vision in velvet…


The way it feels, the way it hangs, there is certainly something about velvet! And It would appear that it doesn’t matter where you look on the high street or catwalk right now you can’t avoid the abundance of velvet!

Crushed or coloured, dress or top, velvet pieces can be found in nearly every shop and are a fashion must have that is set to hang around for the winter and more crucially the Christmas party season!

How will you where yours?


High street options…

Marks and Spencer…Velvet long sleeved jacket £79 & Textured wide leg velvet trousers £49.50

Marks and Spencer… Velvet dress and striped top £39.50

Marks and Spencer… Fit and flare velvet dress £39.50

Zara… Velvet toggle jacket £ 79.99

Zara… Velvet top £15.99

Zara… Cropped velvet t-shirt £15.99

Zara… Velvet dress £19.99

Topshop… Floral velvet floppy dress £40.00

Top shop… Velvet lace trim slip dress £36

Whistles… Velvet wrap jacket £220 Eden wide leg velvet trousers £150

Mango… Trims velvet jacket £89.99





Baby boy picks….foxy!?!


So I’m always on the look out for great little outfits for Harvey and whilst browsing the shops and scouring the internet. I can not seem to get away from the overwhelming amount of woodland themed baby clothes, in particular the fox inspired outfits.

I have to admit I’m a slight fan (despite Mr Rustics constant teasing) and I am keen to get Harvey one or two pieces. Lets face it why should he have to miss out on the baby fashion trends when us mummies don’t want to miss out on the latest style staples.

If your keen to get in on the trend here’s a look at some of what’s available on the high street shops at the moment…

John Lewis

 JoJo Mama


Zara Baby



Have fun and enjoy playing dress up!!!




Four months later….



Wow doesn’t time fly, I find it hard to believe that Harvey has just passed his four month mile marker, I’m sure the pregnancy didn’t go this quickly! at Harvey’s last weigh in he had grown from a mightly 10lbs 4ozs to a humongous 18lbs.

He now consumes milk at an unbelievable rate (around six feeds of 8ozs a day) and is nearly out of his 3-6 month clothing! Harvey’s weight sits on the 98th percentile and his length was off the scale, the only fitting and simple description is that he’s a ‘Big Boy’.

His daddy, being a rugby player, is immensely proud of his size and is already envisaging his little boy charging around the pitch in a few years time!


So how much have our lives change since our little man came along? The only answer for that is an indescribable amount. Harvey has seen every aspect of our previous life as a couple change. Mr Rustic and I have been together for five years and had only been married for a few months when we found out I was pregnant with Harvey. We were of course over the moon by our news but we were also daunted by the mammoth challenge we were about to face and boy has it been a challenge.

The first four months have both passed in a flash (we can’t believe how quickly he has grown) and at times felt draw out and slow (numerous night feeds, smelly nappies and baby sick). Most of my mummy friends say to me that they can’t remember their life without their little ones, I’ll hold my hands up and say ‘I can!’ but it was only four months ago and my memory is not that bad, maybe in another six months time I’ll have forgotten what life was like pre baby….I’ll let you know!





The magic of the Medicine Garden…


The other week my parents, Harvey and I went to explore the medicine Garden in Cobham, Surrey. We wondered about the garden, drunk coffee at The Garden Pod and lunched at the The Hothouse Cafe. We had a great day and even got lucky with the amazing weather!

The Medicine Garden is a multi tasking green oasis set inside grand Victorian walls with a small courtyard of bespoke shops and eateries. Within the walls you can eat, drink, relax, be entertained or pampered, shop, workout, play (if your a child) or even learn a new skill. The garden embodies a fantastic mixture of the ancient and modern with beautiful plants and flowers and an exciting community of small bussinessess.

Once upon a time the gardens belonged to Cobham Park and were known for growing a variety of fruit. Today much of the one hectar site is well preserved and showcases lots of the historical features including the glass house, gardeners house and walls.

Based in the old potting shed… enjoy coffee (and cake 🍰) at The Garden Pod!

Then wonder around the beautiful grounds and take the children to play in the sandy castle (don’t forget your bucket and spade to keep them entertained for longer). For a casual dining option get your coffee and sandwiches from The Garden Pod and they will even loan you a picnic blanket for you and the children to dine on! Of if you prefer you can relax and recline on the double deck chairs and Baroque sofa!

If you prefer a slightly more formal eating experience visit The Hothouse Cafe for an amazing array of food, where much of the menu is made from locally sourced goods. They serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, but don’t forget to book in advance this place can get very busy and the outside tables can be hard to come by on a sunny day.

Wonder the shops botique shops- The Art House, The Beehive, The White Orchid Flower Shop and The Pineapple Store. Drop into the Blid and Hatton Gathering and find out about their cookery workshops, pop-up events and private dining options.

Discover the gardens wellbeing ideologies, learn about the The Good Medicine Wheel, visit the treatment rooms for some pampering, enroll on bootcamp or take part in some Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi in The Dome!

I’m already arranging to return with my NCT girls and their babies. The grounds are very buggy friendly, although the petit shops aren’t very suitable for little ones with little hands or giant buggies, so go with your friends and rotate who shops when.


Lindsay x

Harvey’s christening 


He’s here and we’re celebrating it….

Last weekend was a particularly special day for us as we officially named our baby boy ‘Harvey James’ and welcomed him to the world at his christening.

We knew we wanted to get Harvey christened from the day he was born and we also knew that only one place was special enough to hold such an event. Harvey was christened at the same church that less then seventeen months earlier had hosted our wedding. The church where numerous generations of my family had celebrated life, death and union.

So on a particularly sunny Sunday afternoon Harvey was christened in a private ceremony hosting around seventy of a nearest and dearest.

Organising a celebration for so many people whilst looking after a young baby is brave but what’s far braver is organising it to be held in the garden (the British weather is notoriously  unpredictable, even in the summer months.) However we survived, in fact we had a fantastic time! Despite the heavy down pours on Saturday when Sunday morning rolled round so did the wall to wall sunshine!

After the service we invited everyone back to my parents house (a short stroll from the church) to raise a glass to Harvey. We toasted with the prefect combination of prosecco, cake and sweets! And then kept things simple with a few nibbles and wine and beer.
We had a fantastic day surrounded by all our family and friends and Harvey was thoroughly spoilt by everyone that came. He was never short of offers for cuddles and my family and friends who hadn’t yet met Harvey had the chance see him for the first time.

We made some fantastic memories….

Harvey wore two special outfits for his big day. Firstly his christening gown, a family heirloom knitted by a great aunt and worn by several generations of our family.

He later changed into a linen shirt and dungaree set, keeping him cool in the scorching heat of the day!

Keeping cool ☀️


This week has been all about keeping cool in the scorching heat! With temperatures reaching thirty degrees in Surrey I have been working hard to find ways to keep myself, Harvey and Mr Rustic cool! We have spent a lot of time sheltering inside, where Harvey has found the cooler room temperatures far more relaxing than the outside heat wave! He has also decided he is quite enjoys the fan, giggling and smiling when it’s near by!

Despite our best efforts to keep cool Harvey has been a little restless in the day and especially through the night. However, this has meant that he has throughly enjoyed his evening bath times. He has also taken to sleeping in just a vest, Nappy and as he likes to feel cosy, his Aden and Anais sleeping bag (certainly one of my best buys for Harvey).

This week I had to make a quick dash to the shops for some summer clothes, Harvey has grown so quickly that at ten weeks old he has already been wearing his 3-6 month clothes for some time. The only problem with this is that all the 3-6 month clothes he owns are for the cooler weather, long sleeves and thicker material! So to avoid him living in vests for the next week a quick bit of sale shopping was required. Can’t say I minded that much!

Relaxed in Gap….




Wooden toys for Harvey!


Since the day we announced we were expecting a baby boy, Harvey has been showered with gifts, he is certainly a very spoilt young man! Amongst the numerous baby grows, blue outfits and cuddly toys were a selection of wooden cars. I immediately took a liking to simplicity of these toys and despite my friends telling me he wouldn’t be interested and would favour the colourful plastic ones I still loved these! Before Harvey was born, and still today, these wooden cars decorate the shelves in his bedroom. They look great and I am excitedly awaiting the day when he is old enough to zoom them across the living room floor.

When Harvey was born the lovely gifts once again started to arrive and much to my delight amongst them was a fantastic selection of beautiful wooden toys from stacking dogs and penguins to a pull along shape sorter. Although Harvey can not yet play with these I still love them and more recently we added to his range when his daddy picked up a selection of London cars!

For now Haveys favourite toy by far is his Fisher Price all singing, all dancing play mat with its lights and sounds. But I can’t wait for the day we can play with his more traditional toys and I hope he enjoys playing with them as much I enjoy looking at them!

These skittles come in a range of beautiful bright colours, I think these might be more for me than Harvey!!

This space sorter by Carousel has lots of uses including learning colours and shapes! It can also be a noisey pull along toy…

The Jando stacker toys double up as rockers as well…

The London toys that were a present from Harvey’s daddy!!!

Melissa and Doug do a beautiful range of traditional and well made wooden toys…

I’d love to know of any great wooden toys that your children might have.

Lindsay x

Baby free?!? …..London! 


This week my husband and I had an appointment to view Harveys newborn photos at the Imagethirst photo studios on  Great Portland Street. For those of you who don’t know your road maps, Great Portland Street in nestled in the heart of London, only a stones throw from Regent Street and Oxford Circus. Now, I have always been a huge fan of our amazing cosmopolitan city and loved the buzz created by the diverse range of people, shops and restaurants. However,  when we were invited to the studio this week the prospect of journeying into London didn’t fill me with delight, but instead, for the first time it made me feel anxious and decidedly nervous. I immediately started to create a mental list of all the baby related items we would need to take and begun contemplating the idea of trying to manoeuvre our Buggy (a large, robust, all terraine, dog walking, Surrey loving Bugaboo Buffalo) into the capital! I started picturing us attempting to negotiate the busy London streets and our bulging baby bag packed full of all the just incase items we might need, as well as all the essentials for a day out. I soon begun to imagine Harvey choosing our time on the tube as feeding time! And just as all this was starting to dawn on me my parents suggested that Harvey stay with them for the day! They didn’t have to ask us twice and we were soon strolling to the station a baby free and with only a small bag slung across my shoulder.

We spent the day wondering the streets of London and only ventured towards the underground when our feet could take it no more. We had a fantastic day and certainly enjoyed the freedom.

However, no matter where we went and regardless of what we did I carried with me an ache in my heart. I may occasionally crave some baby free time and as much as I love some mummy freedom!!! It seemed when it arrived all I wanted was to be back with my baby boy. I no longer wonder the shops looking for beautiful garments to fill my wardrobe. Instead I now find myself browsing baby toys and books and wondering if it’s possible for Harvey to have too many things! Harvey already has a wardrobe bulging with clothes; I’m not even sure he will have the chance to wear them all before he grows. My day in London despite being physically baby free was not baby free at all. When you have a child, the saying out of sight and out of mind couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead out of sight and at the forefront of your mind seems far more appropriate…

Iconic and very British….

Such diverse infrastructure and so much to admire…

Look out for the early (And very British) Christmas ball balls!….

You can get lost in this building…

They don’t build buildings like they used to…

When in London don’t forget to look up, London has some amazing architecture that shouldn’t be missed…

Nothing compares to being reunited with my little man…. Harvey James…


Lindsay x

Make a weekend trip to Great Fosters


If I could only visit one venue in Surrey I’m sure that this would be the one. Great Fosters is a stunning hotel with amazing grounds and outstanding food! I have been luck enough to visit this place on number of occasions and only last year my husband and I were fortunate enough to have the honour of holding our wedding reception there. Great Fosters will always hold a special place in my heart and continues to be a somewhere I never tire of visiting…

The stunning Japanese bridge… time your visit right and you will be lucky enough to see it covered in wisteria.

Make sure you venture into the gardens. They range from well manicures mazes and rose gardens to rustic parklands.

Explore the the stunning interiors. They really do give you a peak into the buildings historic past…

Try and stop for a coffee or even better indulge in the award winning Great Fosters Afternoon Tea…

Whenever you visit and whatever you do, whether it be staying in the magnificent historic rooms, indulging in the culinary delights or exploring the expansive grounds, it is sure to leave a lasting memory with you.


Lindsay x

Great Fosters website

Surrey ‘s surprises




When I moved to Surrey last year, in preparation for the start of my new family life, I was more than slightly apprehensive about the lifestyle adjustment. Knowing I would no longer be able to swipe my contactless card and jump on an iconic red bus or step out my door knowing I was only a short train or tube ride from the bright lights and buzz of such a cosmopolitan city, quickly became a major concern. These days buses only pass the end of my road once an hour and only run for a select few hours of the day.  Surprisingly this doesn’t bother me all that much any more. The nearest train station is within walking distance and can get me to Waterloo within what I  would now consider a respectable time. For now this is all ok, although I will admit I often have a slight nostalgia for my previous existence, I am currently trying to embrace all that a Surrey life has to offer from quirky cottages to rural retreats and picturesque landscapes…





So many more hidden gems waiting to be discovered…


Lindsay x